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Sign Up For Niedermeyer’s Auto Tipsheet

PLEASE NOTE: Niedermeyer’s Auto Tipsheet is currently on hiatus. Follow Edward Niedermeyer on Twitter @Tweetermeyer.

Everyone keeps up on the news these days, but not everyone takes the time to do the research and analysis needed to differentiate their coverage in an era of information overload. Now automotive writers, analysts and professionals have a new source for regular research and analysis of undercovered automotive topics: Niedermeyer’s Auto Tipsheet.

Having made a name for himself as Editor-in-Chief of The Truth About Cars (TTAC.com), Edward Niedermeyer has written Op-Eds on auto industry topics for The New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Reuters, and has been featured on CNN, BBC World, The PBS Newshour, Fox News and Fox Business. Now you can receive Niedermeyer’s regular research and analysis in your inbox three times a week, providing you with insight into the thorny economic, financial, industrial, political and regulatory issues facing the global auto industry.

Here’s what you can expect from each of the three emails you will receive:

  • One commentary on a key automotive issue
  • Four emerging storyline briefs with links to research
  • A list of carefully curated news links, focusing on undercovered but important automotive issues

Sign up for Niedermeyer’s Auto Tipsheet now.

Niedermeyer’s Auto Tipsheet is produced by Argot Industries, which is solely responsible for its content. Argot Industries does represent clients, whose interests may be reflected in the content of Niedermeyer’s Auto Tipsheet, possibly without disclosure. However, as a former blogger Niedermeyer is well aware that nobody needs more PR pablum clogging up their email, and Niedermeyer’s Auto Tipsheet strives to provide real value to busy writers, bloggers and editors who are interested in high-value, research- and analysis-intensive stories.

Argot Industries will not, under any circumstances, share your private information with anyone, including its clients.

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